Sunday, 7 October 2012

Radio: Hark At The Racket

Monty Fanshawe will ejaculate more brass banding speculutum into your ear at 9.30pm this Friday on Diggle FM:-

Shouty Shouty Bum Bum [Torbay Symfonia]
The Torn Panties [Dempsey & Makepeace Band]
Vaginal Abuse [Pertly Pumpkins Band - soloist Laymore Luddington]
Disconstructed Interlude [Brass Band de Voouirsklippel Oumkerk]
Shitty Whispers [Weighbridge Wallpapers Band]
Finger Me Under The Lamplight [Ottery St. Nigel Band - soloist Kelly Staples]
Apple Blossom Rape [The Ethel Weston Big Band]