Thursday, 14 June 2012

Masterclass: Percussion

Roy Spleen is principal percussionist (what we would call a drummer) with the West Mercia St. Maggots Band. In this latest Ainley Top Bandstand Masterclass, Roy says:-

"Playing percussion generally involves hitting different stuff in the right place as loudly as possible, though some conductors may require a quieter dynamic from time to time".

"A range of different sticks is crucial to obtain varying effects. I have a pair of F1's, some WD40's, Fireball XL5's, a pair of BBC 3's especially imported from the Congo and a Big Twatter 5000 bass drum stick".

"Tuned percussion is fraught with danger because you need to look at what you're hitting so can't watch the conductor at the same time. Remember, he has no choice but to follow you! This is particularly true once you get on stage as there is nothing he can do to stop you and he is totally helpless!"

"Finally, older brass band music requires little or no percussion so boredom can become a factor. I take a pornographic magazine to rehearsals to flick through during the dull bits, though if you are tempted to play with yourself stand behind the bass drum so nobody can see".

Have fun and good luck!