Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Whit Win For St Bedes

The St Bedes (Pattersons Pitchforks) Band celebrated victory at the famous Whit Saturday marches at the weekend. Their haul of two 3rds, a 5th, a 7th and a disqualification due to a clerical error saw them take the overall title, just pipping Brass Band Bazinga-Hauptbrau from Switzerland.

St Bedes chose to perform a new arrangement of Missy Elliott's Get Yer Freak On down the street and Clarence Bumthrow's famous contest march Just You Wait And See on the stand.

The evening was marred by tragedy at the Diggle contest, where a trawler capsized with the loss of all hands. Meanwhile, across at Lydgate, two men were slightly hurt by an out of control bass drum.

The public again entered into the spirit of the event, treating it as an excuse for an all day bender and violent confrontations. They again revelled in swinging punches and throwing lumps of police horse shit at bands as they marched past.

Meanwhile, over in Tameside, two men and a dog watched three bands cover the circuit. The winner there was Chertsey Silver, who took the overall prize and a cheque for £17.40.