Saturday, 9 June 2012

Take the Weight for Open

Judd Bovinger's "Take the Weight" has been chosen as the set work for this year's Bobby Davro Open, to be held on the roundabout above the chip shop at Simmery-St-Bees.

Judd said, "I chose the title 'Take the Weight' because I saw people taking the weight - off their lives. They were taking the weight - off their lives. Then I sat down and started to write stuff".

"It was going on for hours then someone said, 'Hey Judd, its brass banding, we only need 15 minutes worth. So I compressed it all into 15 minutes'."

"To have to think about taking the weight off your life then, because of brass band contests, have to deliver within certain 15-minute parameters is, frankly, a load of shite. It stifles composers."

A man standing next to me said , "This should be a cracker of a test piece".