Thursday, 14 June 2012

Samways for Waldteufel

Former Everton footballer Vinnie Samways has accepted the solo cornet seat at the Waldteufel (Autoglass Repair, Autoglass Replace) Band.

Samways said, "This is a totally new direction for me. I've never picked up a cornet before, even though I was once responsible for marking Steve Stone in the 83rd minute of a game against Nottingham Forest a while ago".

"However, the band are being very patient with me while I learn the valves and stuff".

Waldteufel band manager Hubert Frisby said, "Having a player of Vinnie's experience is fantastic. He is so competent and assured that, once he learns the valves and stuff, he will be the ideal man to lead our assault on the Virgin Trains Ginsters Pasties Contest at the Richard Madeley Aerodrome next month".