Saturday, 31 March 2012

Advert: Fly-Bi-Nite Band Tours

Here at Fly-Bi-Nite Band Tours we know that brass band tours are generally shit. However, now they needn't be quite as shit as they once were. Your own dedicated adviser will arrange your tour for you and we guarantee:-

No flying - a piss up on a ferry followed by a groggy 17-hour coach journey along some of Europe's most congested and misleading roads!

Five days self-catering in a disused army borstal in the Czech Republic!

Two concerts in small churches where a population that fails to understand brass banding simply will not turn up!

One free leisure evening at a local cabbage tasting festival (food and drink not included)!

The same, miserable 17-hour non-stop journey from the borstal across Europe, then over the sea and back to your bandoil!

An astonishing bill that works out at just over £650 per person!

For your free brochure contact Fly-Bi-Nite Band Tours, The Little Office Above the Taxi Rank, Broadway, Chorlton-cum-Hardy.