Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tinchy, Tinchy, Lied, 'er....

Beckersdale Embalming Band are coming to terms with having to cancel the biggest concert of their year so far. For Beckersdale were due to take the stage last Saturday with none other than rap sensation Tinchy Stryder.

Chairman Remington Tweed said, "The band were to open with the usual march, overture, cornet solo sort of stuff. Then Tinchy was to come on and perform some of his hits, including Gangsta and Never Leave You. However, he simply didn't show."

Remington explained, "We hit on the idea at a committee meeting. Full of excitement I texted Tinchy to confirm the venue and time, what we expected him to sing and that there was £100 waiting for him in used notes. I never heard anything back but just assumed he was busy with other things and that we would see him on the night. For him simply not to turn up is shameful".

Several people who had believed the advert in Thursday night's Beckersdale Echo and bought tickets at £4.00 each were left disappointed. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Remington explained, "For those who bought tickets and were left disappointed I can only apologise. However, they are welcome to bring those tickets along to our concert on Saturday 25th August at Beckersdale Cathedral and gain free entry. We will be joined by soul legend Aretha Franklin and a second half talk on stamp collecting will be given jointly by Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama".