Friday, 30 March 2012

Chertsey Secure New Sponsor

Chertsey Silver Prize Band have announced a new sponsorship deal with Jacksons Fruit & Veg, a shop on Chertsey High Street.

Treasurer Mabel Cummings said, "The deal is worth £1,000 over four years and, in return, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson will receive complimentary tickets for themselves and two VIP's of their choice to our annual Christmas Concert. This funding, used wisely, will secure the short-term future of the band. However, we'll probably blow the lot buying some decent players in to try and win the next contest".

Mr. Jackson said, "I know nothing about brass bands. Some of them get their veg at our shop and they kept nagging me. I only paid up to get them off my back. To be honest we're not that bothered about the free tickets and will probably just stick them on ebay".