Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fred Ronson in placing boob

Admiral Fred Ronson, the celebrated radio presenter and banding compere caused quite a stir at the Frampshire Area Contest by placing the favourite, and by far the best band on the day way down the field. Proomersthorpe Colliery have had national fame in the past with numerous contest wins and high profile tours including a three week stay in Chechnya entertaining local farmers.

After making the mistake, the Admiral was typically defiant and stood by his decision, harshly marking various ensembles for uncouth playing and many musical inaccuracies.

It has come to the attention of Th'Ainley Top that Admiral Ronson has contacted Proomersthorpe's band manager, Brian Tarmacadam admitting his placing gaff and offering support despite Proomersthorpe not qualifying for the National Contest in Oswestry since 1927. Admiral Ronson is claimed to have said " I've fucked it cock. I thought you were fucking Skoomandale. Maybe we could discuss this over a Chablis at my Peckham country retreat?"

More to follow.