Friday, 30 March 2012

Masterclass: Tyson Fringley - Warm Up Techniques

This is the first in a series of Ainley Top Bandstand Masterclasses and comes from Tyson Fringley, principal cornet with the St. Bernard Silver Band. Tyson says:-

"Warming up correctly is vitally important. I start gentle with some long, low notes. Maybe a bottom A, or sometimes a bottom A-flat. After that I do a few scales. I like C-major 'cos its the first one I learnt and it doesn't have any of those funny notes in it. Then, if I've time, 'cos sometimes I'm late to band, I'll do a few lip slurs. That's sort of like playing different notes but your valves aren't moving. I have to do them nice and slow but my teacher says that's good. Sometimes I'll play a high note, like a top G. That one's really hard. Then I blow my water out whilst waggling my valves furiously, plant my feet firmly on the floor and just go for it! Good luck".

More invaluable advice from a different guest next time.