Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tragic Loss For Cruciate Ligament

The Cruciate Ligament (Armfield) Band are in mourning after the tragic loss of a cornet cup mute last weekend.

Cornetist Andy Wisecrack was carrying his cornet, music and a handful of mutes across the road at one of those shit contests where the changing rooms are in a different building to the contest, when tragedy struck. As he was waiting to cross, Andy lost his grip on the cup mute. It fell to the kerb and bounced into the road, where it went under the wheels of the number 217 bus to Wincolmbe Stanley.

Band Manager Larry Leeming said, "We managed to stop traffic and get to the mute as soon as we could, but it was already clear that there was nothing we could do. A number of the band were visibly upset by the horrific scene and we took the instant decision to cancel our performance as a mark of respect."

Band member Will Symptom is to compose a piece in the mute's memory, entitled "It Was the 217 That Sent You To Heaven".