Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Benson "Ole!" for Matador

Euphonium stalwart Charlie Benson has announced a collaboration with new Spanish brass instrument manufacturer Matador. Benson told the Bandstand, "I am pleased to announce that I have accepted the kind invitation to become the UK face of Matador Brass Instruments. Lots of exciting times lay ahead for both parties, including the design and subsequent UK launch of their new 'Picador' 4-valve self-compensating bombardon".

He added, "Since 2009, when UK-based Quigleys Brass Instruments folded, I've missed the few grand a year extra I get paid for fannying about with this sort of stuff. With the wife wanting a new caravan this deal has come just at the right time".

Matador instruments will be aimed at the budget end and the Ainley Top Bandstand hopes to have a list of UK suppliers in the near future.