Thursday, 10 May 2012

Charndyke open up

The Charndyke Band is opening its doors tomorrow for final preparations of Lenton Walker's "Systematic Incantations" ahead of their assault on the Senior Spoon contest at Morecambe Bay on Saturday.

Chairman Boothby Foghorn said, "We are one of a growing number of bands who cannot get to grips with the fact that nobody is remotely interested in hearing us rehearse a test piece. Placed at the back of the bandroom will be an old armchair, a buffet and a broken but useable office chair. It will be first come, first served for seating".

The rehearsal takes place at 7.45pm at the Bandroom, Snail Lane, Charndyke. Entry is free though donations towards the £700 fee for borrowed players would be appreciated.