Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fritter critical of new youth band

Renowned conductor, Marsh Fritter has been openly critical of the new youth band set up by Pavement St Clare's Band, an openly male only ensemble.

'Is this new youth band accepting young girls into its ranks? If so, what are the prospects for these buxom, untouched, pretty little things should they not be permitted into the Pavement St Clare senior band? There will be hundreds of young girls, with those little legging things on and skimpy tops banging on the senior bands door.'

Fritter went on to say, 'All that talent wasted. I imagine these young girls will turn to drug addiction and prostitution, their bodies being soft and peachy. I can see hundreds of young girls in the band room, droplets of valve oil glistening in the sun upon their heaving breasts whilst they are being turned away from banding because of their gender. And indirectly their breasts.'

There is growing support for Fritter's views, with tens of letters and emails reaching us every couple of weeks or so.

We asked a neutral what their view on this was. They had this to say 'What the fucking hell are you going on about?'