Thursday, 24 May 2012

Not many turn up

A source close to the Ainley Top Bandstand has informed us that a brass band put on a concert recently and not many people turned up.

Another source, who asked not to be named but is probably Owen Lefarge of Jensen Button Way, Lindley Brow, and who is not the original source though we have to admit he probably is 'cos he sounded very much like him, said, "It's true, not many turned up. You play the same old shit to the same three or four pensioners, it's a joke".

Ainley Top Bandstand reader Miles Reagan disagreed. Miles said, "A few years ago we were desperate for Lottery cash. To get it we had to promise to hand over our old instruments to kids and form a youth band. We couldn't be arsed, all we needed was the cash, but they kept sending auditors in to check so we stuck with it. Now, to be honest, we haven't looked back. Our youth band did a concert last weekend and there was 23 people there, and only 18 of them was parents of the kids involved".

Our source later admitted that he wasn't the source we thought he was originally but that he probably was.