Thursday, 24 May 2012

Radio: More Hark At The Racket

More odious brass band drivel this Friday from Monty Fanshawe, Diggle FM, 9.30pm:-

The Trusty Condom (Linton Village Band)
Ode To A Titlark (Mason's Marrowfat Peas Band - soloist Noel Haemmorhage)
Why Fucking Bother (Band of the Carlecotes Cavaliers)
Lazin' a While (Minhampton & Minhampton Mills Band)
Shove It Right Up Me (Raggleby Invicta Band - soloist Mandy Throatjob)
Nigel's Procession To The Cobblers (The Homebase 20% Off This Bank Holiday Weekend Band)