Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Beeyunar Silver target unsettled Balotelli

Serial National Finalist rentaband, Beeyunar Silver are said to be in talks with unsettled Manchester City star, Mario Balotelli.

Beeyunar Silver, who have numerous contest wins but the engagement list of a religious folk group are rumoured to be in talks with the hit man, stating 'We need to raise the week in, week out standard. Mario fits the bill.'

At present in between contests, Beeyunar Silver have barely half a band and fill the other half with small animals to fulfill engagements.

An old man had this to say, 'Mario would be a great signing for the band, he would fit in perfectly. Especially with him being a jumped up shit cunt.

Beeyunar Silver are reported to be offering Balotelli £1,000 a contest, £20 a concert plus travelling expenses. Meals at gigs are dependant on whether the church in question has luncheon facilities.