Wednesday, 4 April 2012

EU Close To Concert Ruling

Brussels bureaucrats are close to laying down new legislation stating exactly what must comprise a brass band concert programme. The EU-wide ruling, due to be ratified next month, will insist that all brass band concerts held within EU member states must comprise:-

(1) Traditional Street March / Overture / Cornet Solo / Potboiler / Horn Solo / Lightweight Finisher

t'Interval (of at least 15 minutes)

(2) Lively Opener / Trombone Solo / Potboiler / Euphonium Solo / Heavyweight Finisher

Bob Carolgees of the UK Brass Band Assembly thinks UK bands have little to fear. "To my knowledge" he said, "every single brass band concert in the UK over the last 150 years or so has taken exactly this format, so there really is nothing for us to worry about".

There are however concerns that Riverdance may be downgraded from Heavyweight Finisher to Potboiler status as part of the proposals. Carolgees said, "There was a six month run within the UK during which every brass band concert held finished with Riverdance. However, under the new rules we are unlikely to see such times again".