Sunday, 1 April 2012

Horsewomb Contest: Runners & Riders

Unfortunately we don't have the runners and riders for today's Horsewomb Contest because we forgot to ask. However, it is a beautiful morning in the town of Horsewomb and its outlying ditricts and the atmosphere outside the E-Mail public house should be potentially dangerous.

If you are at a loose end do come along. Almost a handful of bands will battle it out across several sections and the top prize will again be the Rod Hull Memorial Shield and £25. Entry to the hall is nobbut a few quid and raffle tickets will be on sale at £1 a strip. There is a meagre and overpriced catering offering as well.

Those who imbibe more than the recommended daily allowance of units of alcohol will have the chance later in the day to barrack members of the competing bands as they line up for the street march, all from the comfort of the pavement outside the pub!

This local get-together faces an uncertain future so do come along to support if you can. The Bandstand team are about to depart armed with 250 miniature scores so we are fully prepared for this own choice potboiler.