Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Letter of the week!

This instalment in our highly popular feature 'Letter of the week!' comes from Gary Bulkhead of Loomfip.

Gary asks, 'Hi guys! Great job! Could I ask one of your banding boffins the following?! I'm a cornet player and struggle with quieter top A entries with the note often splitting or not producing. Have you any tips or exercises that you could pass on?'

First of all, great question Gary. This is far more common a problem than you may think. The key to solving this quandary lies within the preparation before the release. Make sure the visqueen is laid tightly against your compacted MOT with all joints in the visqueen taped tightly shut. Last thing you want is air and concrete escaping damaging the integrity of the slab!

Just before you back the wagon in, to release the mix into your shuttered area, make sure there is a clear working area and your poker and tamp are close to hand. Release the concrete and drop in the poker to rid the slab of any air bubbles. Tamp the mix and create whatever finish you like as the concrete goes off! Simple!

Hope this helps!

John Leafblower
2nd Cornet
Blenfield Citadel Band