Sunday, 22 April 2012

Calendar shock with Much Wenlock

The Much Wenlock Band promise shocks galore with a new calendar for 2013. Fundraising manager Brian Archways said, "In an effort to raise much needed funds we decided to take inspiration from those WI duffers who got their kit off for a charity calendar, except ours will promise more shocks!"

Shooting of the calendar has now been completed and Brian added, "February, for example, features percussionist Mavis Wilson being spit roasted by the trombone section whilst musical director Quentin Snapes shits on her head. September has horn player Lucy Strange chained to a timpani whilst suffering a bukkake gang bang at the hands of the cornet section".

The band hope to raise £1,000 to fund their 2013 visit to the Pointless & A Very Long Way Away Entertainment Contest.