Monday, 9 April 2012

NOBBA Set Guidelines

The National Organisation of Brass Band Adjudicators has set new guidelines for those wishing to join the organisation.

NOBBA chairman Stanton Peat-Bog told the Ainley Top Bandstand, "90% of our current line up of adjudicators has between 5 and 10 years left to live. Banding faces a chronic lack of men in the box if we don't attract new blood".

"The guidelines are there to simplify the process for those seeking to become adjudicators. What we are looking for essentially is people that haven't really done anything, like conduct top bands to major titles, etc. Also, a complete misunderstanding of contesting and eccentric, outspoken opinions are a must".

"Also essential is the ability to mislead. For example, a candidate should have no qualms about telling bands at the draw that he/she expects performances to stick literally to tempos marked on the score, only to then award first place to a band that plays the piece much faster than marked".

As part of the process a new position of "trainee adjudicator" has been introduced. Those attaining that status will shadow old duffers up and down the country and their results, whilst not affecting the contest directly, will be scrutinised to ensure they are eccentric enough".

More details on the NOBBA website.