Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beige to join Pontypool ranks

Gary Beige, solo Fb Bombardon with the Dilkes Raja Silver Band has announced his resignation with immediate effect. It has been announced by Pontypool Brass that Beige will take the solo seat as of next Sunday mornings rehearsal.
Beige commented, 'What an unbelievable chance to commute down the M6, M4 and M5 on a regular basis. There is a particular stretch of the M4 that is currently being re-surfaced but come May, this should be one of the finest tarmacadam highways in the British Isles.'
Pontypool were reportedly 'mildly ok-ish' with their new signing after auditioning numerous candidates before offering the notoriously bland of personality, Beige the famous seat.
Dilkes Raja Silver released this statement earlier today. 'What a fucking cunt. He should have been playing at the Kingspan Village fete with us at weekend but he has just discarded us like used wank rag. I hope he fucking dies in his sleep the shit cunt'.
Beige's first appearance with the band will be at Lampshade cum Bucket a week of Sunday.