Thursday, 12 April 2012

Laisterdike Go With Schwimmer

Laisterdike Temperance Band have appointed Hollywood star David Schwimmer as musical director.

Schwimmer, best known as Monica's boyfriend Joey off of US sitcom Frazier, wowed the band at last Tuesday's rehearsal. President of the band, Paul Wickham-Wanderer, said "David developed an instant rapport with the band and worked them hard on the programme for the forthcoming concert at Laisterdike Corn Exchange. To close, he asked if the band would mind running through Frank Bernaerdt's arrangement of One Moment In Time, as a tribute to his friend Whitney Houston. David and the band ended the piece in tears".

Paul would not be drawn on the finer details of the deal, but it is understood Schwimmer has accepted terms of £30 a rehearsal with an undisclosed bonus payment if the band achieve a placing of third or higher at the Garforth Open in September.